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Yintai Health Group

is the trail-blazer in Commercialized Medical Care & Health Care, with the development strategy of marketization, scale, linkage and branding. Yintai Health Group is committed to provide customers with health management, life care services, medical care services, mental needs services in one of the integrated services. As subsidiaries of Yintai Group, Lvkang Medical Care Group,Life Infinity, have become the domestic healthcare industry leader.

Leading in Scale in China
There are nearly 30 rehabilitation nursing medical institutions, 8 pension service institutions, 2 nursing vocational training school and international anti-aging cancer prevention medical center with nearly 16,000 service beds provided.

Full Coverage of Different Business
Our business covers eight health care areas of the elderly care service, medical, rehabilitation, nursing, teaching, research, culture, research and development for elderly products, and trade, forming a complete industrial chain.

Lvkang Medical Care Group
Listed into the first list "Demonstration Base of National Loving Care Project", "Top 10 National Secure Elderly Care Service Institutions", "Demonstration Base of National Medical and Care Integration”;Formed integral layout of "nursing home-hospital-nursing institution"; established a mode of "funded by government and operated by social group; run by people and subsidized by the state”.

Life Infinity
As deputy council of China Anti-aging Promoting Association, it is the first institution to be recognized by the State Council to develop international tourism medical services;Based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Bo’ao, Singapore and Paris etc. Comprehensive and customized health management service for high-end customers across the world is provided.
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