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Chengdu Yintai Centre

Conveniently located at the core of Chengdu Financial City as one of the masterpieces of world leading commercial designer Callison LLC, the establishment comprises five super high-rise towers and an ultra-large high-end commercial podium, the main tower dwarfing all its peers along the central axis of the metropolis. Chengdu Yintai Centre is a complex of Waldorf Astoria Chengdu, top-class commercial luxurious condos Huayue Penthouses, stylish broad-viewed apartments Huayue Residences, an all-customer international shopping center in99 and a super-A office building, covering a total floor area of 720,000 ㎡. It is a high-end urban complex in, as well as the cover landmark of, the City of Chengdu.


  • 2013The 3rd Chin4 Construction Industry Association Green Construction Award
  • in99
  • Super-A Office Building
  • Waldorf Astoria Chengdu
  • Huayue Penthouses
  • Huayue Residences
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