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Intime City

Positioned as a high-end, multifunctional, compound urban complex sized 300,000㎡ or larger, Intime City is an assembly of a shopping center, a hotel, an office building and homes. Over 40 Intime Cities ongoing or underway across China open up a new, one-stop lifestyle for local cities by integrating commerce with business, consumption, entertainment and fashion life.

Yintai open up strategic cooperation with YMCI on Nov.3, 2016.Learn more.
  • Shopping Center
  • Homes
  • Office Building
  • Hotel
Representative projects
    • Ningbo Fenghua Intime City
    • Western Hangzhou Intime City
    • Ningbo Beilun Intime City
    • Zibo Intime City
    • Wenzhou Cangnan Intime City
    • Wenzhou Pingyang Intime City
    • Chengdu Dayuan Intime City
    • Panzhihua Renhe Intime City
    • Taizhou Jiaojiang Intime City
    • Ningbo ENT Intime City
    • Hangzhou Linping Intime City
    • Harbin Intime City
    • Jinhua Dongyang Intime City
    • Hangzhou Xixi Intime City
    • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intime City
    • Yuyao Intime City
  • Western Hangzhou Intime City

    Hangzhou Urban Parlor
    Covering a floor area of 400,000㎡ and set in the landscape resources of the Xixi National Wetland Park, the first 2-in-1 international comprehensive complex containing commerce and business. As one of the most important urban complex projects of Yintai Group after Beijing Yintai Centre, Western Hangzhou Intime City is now an important urban parlor of Hangzhou that aims to create a business life radius with the shortest distance, highest efficiency and best infrastructures by incorporating Intime Shopping Center, international service apartment Ascott and Yintai Office.
  • Ningbo Beilun Intime City

    Ningbo Chief Theme Shopping Park
    A 330,000㎡ oversize chief theme shopping park in Ningbo integrates dining, entertainment, recreation, shopping, fitness, business, culture and sightseeing together. A sunken plaza links the annular pedestrian mall and the exit of light rail line 1, offering convenient, one-stop shopping experience.
  • Wenzhou Cangnan Intime City

    Cangnan Dual-Core Living and Shopping Paradise
    Located in the Cangnan CBD of Wenzhou City with business area of 220,000㎡, comprising Intime Shopping Center, homes and other commercial infrastructures, it is the only high-end urban complex project at the core of Cangnan as well as a large living and shopping park truly driven by a commercial center and a living center, representing a bright sight of the city.
  • Chengdu Dayuan Intime City

    Chengdu New Area Metropolitan Sub-Center
    Situated at the core for the southward extension of Chengdu City, Tianfu New Area, it is the first large urban cultural complex in the CBD of this area. Covering a total floor area of 400,000㎡ and comprising Intime Shopping Center, Intime City Office Building, Alibaba's Western Base and Hyatt Commercial Street, it is an all-weather, compound metropolitan sub-center targeting life's experience.
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